About Artist: I and my family moved from Finland to Toronto over 45 years ago, where we lived for many years. I began to participate in Toronto and other southern Ontario art shows. Later, we moved to Northern Ontario in order to be closer to nature, built a house and an art gallery, where I exhibited and sold my art work. Those were wonderful years in the eighties and our gallery was very busy, due to so many tourists that used to visit the area in those years. When our daughters became of college age, we moved “back south” to Lake Simcoe. Currently we live in Port Colborne, where I have a studio gallery. I have authored  visual arts teaching books in series: Esa’s Art Designs and over the years my art work and designs have been published in many art magazines in North America. Last 15 years I have been teaching Creative Arts Seminars. The goal is to teach art students to expand their painting range and capabilities in the process of creating art. I also exhibit my art in one-man and group art shows.

Artist Statement: “I have been painting all my life except for two years, when as a young man I was a merchant seaman, travelling around the word. At school, the only class I really paid any attention to was art. I simply was not interested in anything else. I think that my obsession with depicting the monotony of the work force started there”.

“I try to have an overall plan of what I am going to paint. In the beginning, I might have some idea of what I will paint, but at the end, the painting might be totally different from what I had in mind when I started. My preferred painting medium is Acrylic. Painting daily is important to me; trying to master my skills, learning new approaches. There is always a painting in progress, or I start something completely new. Some of my semi-abstract paintings are painted mostly with pallet knife. I like the clean, simple effect that the pallet knife work brings to my designs. Sometimes I create textured, raised effects on my paintings. My styles and techniques have always been versatile.”

“I am always eager to try something completely different from what I have painted before, for example, trying my hand at a new kind of painting surface, such as metal or quartz. Right now I am working on a semi-abstract city scene, that is pallet knife work. Sometimes I “build” textured, “raised” effects on scenery painted on quartz or slate.”

“With over forty years of showing my work to the public, I am still exploring, still learning, still looking for more. Painting is my pleasure; indeed it is my life and I am enjoying every moment of it.”


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